Equipment Repair or Replacement

One of your most valuable assets on your farm is your milking equipment. When your equipment doesn't work, it can bring your productivity to a standstill. Fortunately, Minnesota Dairy Solutions is here to make repairs and replacements a breeze.

From automatic takeoff installation to full milking parlor installation, our team knows how to provide the proper equipment for efficiency and effectiveness on your farm. We'll look over your entire system, too, ensuring that everything is working properly.

Wherever you are in the Central MN area, rely on us for milking equipment repair and service. Connect with us today to schedule a visit from our staff.

Having trouble with your dairy equipment?
Minnesota Dairy Solutions can test, repair or replace:
  • Auto takeoffs
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Milking parlors
  • Bulk tanks
  • Refrigeration


When you operate a dairy farm, you need top-quality supplies to handle the workload. Minnesota Dairy Solutions can provide everything you need!

We sell products and equipment from trusted brands to keep your dairy running at peak performance.

Turn to our experts for all the milking and livestock maintenance products you need.

We sell:
  • Teat dip
  • Milking inflations
  • Foot bath products
  • CIP cleaning chemicals
  • Animal health products
  • Forage preservatives
  • TMR additives
  • And much more!

Preventative Maintenance

It's a hard job to handle every aspect of dairying–the last thing you need is malfunctioning equipment. Minnesota Dairy Solutions can help.

Your milking system needs regular maintenance, and our team can handle the repairs. We provide bulk tank repair, refrigeration fixes and vacuum system checks.

Let us keep your dairy running without interruption. Schedule a preventative maintenance visit and we will:
  • Inspect your milking equipment
  • Run tests to identify the issues with any part of the equipment
  • Perform maintenance and repairs to make your system run like new


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